"form follows function, and the form is beautiful!"

Groundhog Furniture Agency Ltd. is our return to furniture.  Like in the movie, here we are again.  Lyle Mills, Principal of Groundhog has extensive experience from specifying to installation and casts a big shadow in the furniture industry (in a good way).  We are proud of the manufacturers that we represent.  They include design excellence which is the epitome of form follows function, and the form is beautiful!

Our about

Meet Lyle & Ashley

Hi, I’m Lyle Mills, Principal of Groundhog Furniture Agency Ltd.  I have extensive experience in the furniture industry, representing major lines at the dealer and manufacturers level.  My experience from specifying to installation make me a valuable resource when recommending products for your clients.  I am looking forward to connecting with my friends and colleagues and to meeting new people who want me to help them navigate these new products and have fun in the process.

Hi, I’m Ashley Crang, sales associate at Groundhog Furniture.  I have been a school teacher for eight years and am excited about my new career in the furniture industry.  Lyle is my dad and has always been such a positive guy.  I am eager to work with him and provide you with the best we have to offer.